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In a recent survey conducted by Microsoft, SEO has been found the top hard skill for the marketers in the decade starting from 2020. In fact, the digital landscape has immensely evolved during the past few years and every business regardless of its size is looking for some smart ways to reap the full benefits of ever-growing online market and thousands of potential buyers. For a long time, TV remained the Centre of attention for the marketers across the globe, but in 2019 it happened the first time in the history that digital ad spends surpassed the TV ad spend not only in the US in many other countries as well. Businesses around the globe are spending billions on digital marketing and SEO.

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Are You Ready to Take Your Share in the Next Trillion-dollar Industry?

Are you ready to take your share from these billions of spending on digital marketing and SEO in the upcoming days? SEO is going to become one of a few trillion-dollar industries in the next three or four years. If you want to claim your share in this booming industry, you need proper SEO training and have to equip yourself with the latest tools and technologies utilized for SEO and marketing these days.



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What SEO Really is and what kind of SEO Training You Need

SEO also is known as Search Engine Optimization or keywords optimization is a combination of different analytical, technical, creative and strategic activities that maximize the visibility of your website /products and services in the search engines.
These days setting a website is easy particularly with platforms like WordPress, but bringing the right kind of customers to these websites is not that easy. That’s why this cliché is absolutely true:

“A very Impressive Website without SEO is like a Mercedes without Fuel”

There are many other different ways to market a business online i.e. paid advertisement, social media marketing, content marketing, etc, however, SEO has always been reckoned as the top trusted method to attract the right kind of customers to your website. For this very reason, online businesses are considering SEO the top activity in their online marketing strategies and they are looking for the right sources to this activity.

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Web development can be either good, bad or a mix of both while SEO is like playing chess: Just one bad move and you are out of the game. Even worse sometimes highly acknowledged moves can ruin all your efforts. We are bound to play or better say bound to move the pawns, but someone else sets this game. We try to defeat, we try to find loopholes, and meanwhile, we pile the trash of unworthy links. But we hardly try to win: to win the game setter’s heart.

The kind of SEO training you need is something more than just know about the basics of on-page and off-page activities. Training that can help you learn the problems emerge in day to day SEO activities and their suitable solutions.

Just like other parts of the world, a large number of businesses regardless to their sizes are trying to capture the whooping number of online audience to their business gain. Pakistan is a market of more than 450 million mobile internet users and this is on increase. There are great opportunities for businesses to market their products and services to the ever increasing number of online users.

However, it’s a sad fact that most businesses find it quite hard to pick the right kind of workforce to promote their businesses online. Often they become the victim of those who just sell tall claims instead of offering real solutions to the businesses as per their online requirements.
The training we provide will help you learn the following process:

  • Making an analysis of search trends in your niche
  • Mapping a company’s top goals to how the SEO efforts can best assist
  • Building a keyword-to-content map
  • Devising an on-page and off-page (link-building, content marketing) plan
  • Devising a reporting/measurement plan to show progress and ROI

Who Need SEO Training

Whether you are a student, a marketing professional, looking to add a new skill in your profile or want to promote your own business online, SEO training can definitely help you achieve your goals. So, we can summarize this way that SEO training has become a must for everyone in this age of digital transformation, but it’s particularly essential for the following:

  • Students
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Online Business Owners
  • Freelancing Career Seekers
  • Startups Builders

Where You Can Find the Right SEO Training in Lahore

As mention earlier, a large number of businesses are shifting their marketing budgets to online from conventional methods of marketing. But they are unable to find the right fit talent for their SEO or other digital marketing needs. In fact, we do not have the right kind of SEO institute in Pakistan which can really understand the changing requirement of this highly dynamic field. So, if you are looking for the right SEO training course in Lahore or in some other part of the country, better choose someone who has professional experience in this field.

You will find several SEO institutes in Lahore offering a variety of SEO courses, but prior to choosing any such SEO course in Lahore you must do some research and ask them what they will let you know about SEO and it can benefit your needs.

If you are also looking for one such SEO institute in Lahore that can offer you the best update knowledge on SEO along with a practical approach towards real time SEO problems and their solutions, you will find ESEOFRIENDS the best SEO training course providers in Lahore.

So just give us a try prior to becoming a victim of a con-artist in the SEO field. We’ll definitely help you learn that really matters in the field of SEO and which can help you boost your income utilizing the power of the online world.

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